Tuesday, June 24, 2008


MP3 players are in league with the digicams, mobile phones, and palmtops when it comes to the most popular techno gadgets to enter the market. An MP3 player is simply an electronic device that plays not only MP3, but other audio files as well. Hence, the term 'MP3 player' is actually a misnomer as the closest term to accurately define it is 'DAP' or Digital Audio Player.

The first MP3 player on the American market appeared in the summer of 1998. It was a very basic unit, portable and with a memory capacity of 32MB. Since its first release, the MP3 player underwent many innovations until it became what it is now.

Today, MP3 players are highly versatile. They can be hooked into car stereos, CD players, computer hard drives, and simply as a standalone player with its own music collection. Other MP3 players are software-based as well and available for most computer platforms. There are many sites that offer software-based MP3 player downloads. Below are a few examples of these sites.

MP3 Player Download: WinAmp.com

One of the great places to get an MP3 player download is at WinAmp.com. Developed by Nullsoft, the site offers WinAmp player, an audio software application that can play MP3 as well as other audio files. This MP3 player download lets you play music and video files, including MP3, ITZ, CDA, M3U, AVI, OGG, WMA, AU, NST, WAV, AIFF, MP2, MOD, FAR, NSA, MP1, VOC, WMV, and many more. With its full-featured media library, you can organize, search, and browse your entire media collection and create your own playlists from the search results. Several more features are included in the software, such as integrated Internet radio and TV, customizable skins, visualizations, plus the capability to rip and burn CDs.

MP3 Player Download: MusicMatch.com

MusicMatch offers the powerful Musicmatch Jukebox which is one of the most popular MP3 player downloads. There are two versions of this software-based MP3 player available at the site. The free version lets you play and manage your digital audio files, transfer music to portable devices, and burn music to your CDs. The MusicMatch Jukebox Plus on the other hand is a pro, full-featured version. With this MP3 player download, you can not only burn CDs at highspeeds of up to 48x, but also rip tracks from CDs up to 40x. This MP3 player download has the Super Tagging feature which lets you tag tracks fast for automatic file naming, covert vinyl and cassette audio files into MP3s, and many more.

Many more websites offer MP3 player downloads. What we've mentioned above are only a few.

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