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Most successful business people have what I call VISION.

Having vision means you picture in your mind where you want to be in your life in 6 months, a year, or 5 years. I'm not talking about wishing you would be there.

This is what most people do...they only wish they could change their life. No one ever told them how to actually DO IT!

Here are helpful tips about how you can start to change your life by changing your thinking...

You have to actually create in your mind a picture of what you want in your life. You have to make this picture as real as possible. You have to think about it and keep it in your mind on a daily basis. This helps develop your vision.

Whether it means expanding your offline business, being successful on the internet, having a certain house or car, working from home, finding your lifelong partner, losing weight, or whatever else you desire to happen in your near future you must "see" it in your mind before it will happen. You practice to develop your vision.

Anyone can do this and I promise you it does change lives.

What happens when you begin to "see" this mental picture of yourself on a daily basis? It begins to sink into your sub-conscious mind and this leads you to begin to think and do things differently than what you're used to doing.

All the experts tell us that we only use 7%-15% of our brain power. Our sub-conscious minds rule the other 85+%. Successful people have learned to tap into their sub-consious mind to make it expand and work for them. There are many different methods and systems available to accomplish this.

But all seem to agree that you must practice "seeing" yourself accomplishing your desires in the future, and using repetition of positive affirmations on a daily basis. There are many programs offering audio tapes that work great also.
This is how you begin creating your vision.

By positive affirmations I mean writing down on paper what you want in the next few months and years and reading it several times daily to yourself. Simple isn't it? But it's something most people just will not do. They think it doesn't work. They think it's too simple to produce any results.

Wrong! This is very powerful in a subtle way.

By combining a mental picture with your written affirmations on a daily basis you cannot fail to bring change into your life. And if you commit to doing this on a daily basis you WILL see results in your life very quickly.

By practicing your vision daily there is no way it cannot work because you are re-directing your sub-consious mind in a way that it has never been directed before! (I'd like to mention here that I use the powerful audio CD programs from They are absolutely fantastic and they can change your life. Check them out.)

How do you think a professional athlete gets so much better at a sport than most people? Practice. What is practice? It's the constant repetition of physical movements, positive affirmations, and mental images.

Take Larry Bird, former great player for the Boston Celtics NBA team as an example. Larry Bird had vision. He was a slow teenager who couldn't jump and lived in the southern hills of Indiana. There was no way he could compete with his limited natural abilities against more naturally talented players.

But he spent hours upon hours, day after day, of constant repetition of the movements needed to play basketball. It was on his mind constantly. He had a vision in his mind of becoming a successful player. These movements became second nature to him because of repetition.

Most of the players he competed against would not take the time he took to improve themselves. They relied on their natural talents and had no vision.

He outworked them all. He practiced more than they did.

He became one of the greatest players to ever play the game. He kept his dream alive in his mind and he performed the repetitive movements necessary on a daily basis to get what he wanted.

And it worked! And it can work for you also. If you don't believe me spend the next few weeks trying it out. You have nothing to lose by doing this and everything to gain.

Write down on paper something you would like to have in the next 3 months. Be very clear and specific about it. Don't just say something like I would like to lost weight. Say I WILL lose 15 pounds in the next 3 months.

If you want money write down that you will earn $1,000 more per month within 6 months.
Be specific.

Writing it down on paper is very important. Read this paper to yourself 2-3 times per day and while you're reading it "picture in your mind" what you will look like 15 pounds lighter. Think of how you will "feel." How much more energy you will have. Make this mental picture as real as you can. Create your vision.

If you don't need to lose weight pick anything you want. It doesn't matter what the subject is. As long as you write it on paper and picture it in your mind and do this on a daily basis you will get results! You will begin to think differently about this subject. You will have it in your mind daily.

Your sub-consious mind will begin directing your thoughts and actions and move you toward this goal. You won't just be wishing for something, you will begin to take small steps to actually accomplish the goal. You will notice that you are thinking differently and taking actions you normally do not take.

I challenge you to take the few minutes per day this requires and see what happens if you do this daily for just 2-3 weeks. You will see the difference in your thoughts and actions. Your attitude begins to change. I guarantee it.

Once you experience how powerful this simple technique is you will recognize it's potential and how it can change your life. It can be used in all areas of your life including your financial situation, your health, your family, and all else that's important to you.
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