Saturday, July 19, 2008


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The globalization phenomenon of the 90s brought about two significant changes, which were looked quite an unrealistic proportion just few years before the dawn of the 90s. The internet revolution, the ultimate thing that helped globalize the world, caused physical distances to shrink and economies became more and more interrelated, in a way such that an economic change at some part of the world bound to have some sort of an influence in other economies as well.

Globalization virtually expanded the contours within which businesses functioned earlier - both in terms of economics and service - and redrew the limits to encompass every corners of the world where businesses can be set up without much hitch and services bought in plenty. This paradigm shift had indeed become the soul of outsourcing. A good 15 years since outsourcing commenced, market researches have shown that outsourcing accounted for services at a low cost - as fewer by 50% - and that without compromising on the quality of work and execution time.

In these early years of the new millennium, where we stand today, the Asian and south-Asian countries ranks themselves as hot beds of outsourcing, a fact substantiated by market experts who put the net worth of outsourcing industry based on these countries to a whooping $100 billion, and the number increasing by the day. The figures itself is clear indication of the amount of work outsourced to this part of the world. But if you are new to this field, how to get yourself started with outsourcing? Also, there are other questions such as how to outsource work and where to find the required services and talent? Furthermore, where to post the proposals so as to receive maximum exposure? Well, these are exactly what we are trying to explain in the following paragraphs.

There are various websites in which you can submit the project proposals and requirements. Most of the websites charge a fee for signing up so as to post the project details while some others are partly-free. Also, there are free sites which allow people to sign up and advertise projects free of cost, and a nominal commission will be charged if the advertiser finds a freelancer through the site.

Which ever website you choose to post to, it is the visibility one's advertisement gets that ultimately matters in drawing more talents and hence a better talent pool from which the final selection can be made. Therefore, tactically, it will be prudent to post the project in at least two websites at a time. Ideally this should be a pay-site with the most competent services and maximum viewer ship and a free one. The project posted in the former may provide an enhanced promotion - as per the marketing standards and quality of the site - meanwhile posting in the latter, and if it is a new one like, gives the client a place at the top of the list and hence better chances for finding quality bids with less struggle.

Alongside visibility, there is one more aspect that the advertiser need to stress on - it is the type of the project and a detail of the requirements and demands from your side regarding the freelancer who is bidding for the project. It is in fact a way of telling the freelancer about what you expect from him. Such enunciated way of posting projects eliminates the issue of inappropriate bids and draws more freelancers instead.

Just Click here for Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Articles, Animations,Live TV Shows

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