Friday, April 4, 2008


We are now offering Online jobs to suit the needs of every individual.

The jobs we are offering is not marketing or click based, we totally discourage forced advertising and hits based earning opportunities.

Ad placing - Earning per ad placed.

We are offering currently ad placing work.

The work involves placing of the advertisement snippets which we will provide to various directories, classified sites, blogs, forums and others sites.

We are paying on per ad placed and not like other companies who pay only if the link is clicked.

You can earn any where between 50 paise to 5 rupee for per ad placed in directories and classifieds. You have to submit your report weekly of the sites you have placed the advertisements in, after verification we will pay you according to work done by you.

Payment is made on monthly basis.

You cant use link submission softwares or sites offering mass submission service.

The work is not limited by any means.

A person with average speed can post around 50 to 70 ads or links per hour.

You can earn around 700 to 1000rs per day depending on your speed and efficiency.

You also get paid on referrals joining under you. You will be paid 500rs per member joining under you.

You will be given your own link which you have to promote. You can promote that link anywhere you want. You will get paid for posting the same link and plus you will also get paid for referrals joining through your link.

You will be able given a personal page at . you will be able to post your personal message or if you are promoting any other home jobs opportunity then you can post the same there on your personal page. So you can promote all your jobs on the same single page plus you get paid for promoting your own page.

The advertisements can be of ours or any of our clients or affiliates. You cant add your personal ads or links along with ours else your payments will be with held.


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