Friday, April 4, 2008


Web Site Graphic Design

A picture is said to be an expression of a 1000 words. Yes, this may work for an artist. However, a Overland park website designer has to reconsider this while creating a website. A picture may express certain things that need to get to the audience but that may be for websites with humour as their theme.

As a Kansas web designer, you need to meet the demands of your audience and your organisation through quality information and content presented on a website rather than images that slow down the uploading of a website. You need to attract the visitor and not distract him. The Webmaster who realizes these little facts can gain huge success. He needs to remember that, fancy and alluring items do not always attract the customers.

Additional keep-in-mind features

ALT text is important
Including ALT text to a page can be helpful while adding an image on the same page. The ALT characteristic in the HTML tag provides substitute text when a person cannot view an image. The textual information will be displayed if the browser of the user does not allow him to see the images or if the user had disabled the visuals option. The ALT text can contain information on the company apart from a site map and then company's logo.

Handy height and width tags
These tags help the browser to track the size and resolution of the image and the browser automatically decides where to place and adjust the text that is available on the page. This helps to catapult the speed of the page and uploads it easily and more swiftly. This will also allow the users and visitors to access the page textual information on the page without displaying the images nearby. Therefore the webmaster has to keep in mind that the use of height= and width= attributes can be helpful incase the pictures are not viewable.

Interlaced images
These images can help a web page to load in a quicker fashion and bring
convenience on the users end. These are the GIF type of images and are easy to use. The image may appear a bit blurred at the start but it catches up with the browser after some time and comes as an attractive and useful image. These tricky images actually make the user feel that the page uploads fast when it does not in actuality.

Reuse images
The image that is put up on your website gets loaded to the browsers cache of a visitor when he logs on to it. This area of a hard disk stores files that may be needed again for viewing. Therefore, theimages on your website will load onto the users' computer and he can feel the website uploading faster. Thus, you can use one image throughout your site without causing any speed disturbances.

David vs. Goliath images
Several small images instead of one big image can be useful as they download more easily than big images. They can also express the organisations values, products and offerings. They are far faster than normal big size images.


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