Thursday, April 3, 2008


You may have seen or heard people, claiming websites to be indexed within 48 hrs. Believe it or not, it is not miracle and this can be accomplished by some marketing tactics.

What should not be done?

Search engines provides the url where a website can be submitted for indexing. Do not waste your time in submitting your site there. According to their statement they may take up to 6 weeks for a website to be indexed. It's just a long time and wastage of your effort.

Before you know the way for a website to be listed within 48 hrs, you need to know how search engines find websites.

Search engine visits a website that is already indexed. On that site it will find all the links and follows it. Now search engine will move to next website from that list and will find further links. This is termed as crawling. By this way new websites can be included in search engine.

Now where the link of new website can be placed? For this you need to find websites that is already indexed by search engines.

1) Go to a search engine and search the keywords you are using for your website. Note down the websites whose page rank is 5 or above. Once enough links are found, try to get their contact information. Write down an email and send it. In your mail ask them to link their websites in return give them a back link to their websites. They should get good reasons to add your link in their websites. If you can manage 1 PR5 website have a link of your website, the website can be indexed within 5 days. If you get 1 PR6, your website can be indexed within 3 days. If you get 1 PR7 website, your website can be indexed within 48 hrs.

Sometimes persuading the higher rank website owner is tough. So you can purchase link from higher rank website.

2) If you have lower budget for marketing a brand new website our recommendation is go for another way which is absolutely free. With little effort and without any expense you can get lots of one way back links. All you need to do is write an article related to your website. If your website is doing job related to painting, sculptures and artists, you should write an article related to that. Once an article is written search for popular article directory and submit your article. When the article is submitted and approved, search engine will follow all the links in that website. The more articles are submitted more the website will have links pointing to your website and the more times the search engine will crawl your website.

This way you will be able to manage your website to be indexed within 48 hrs.

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