Thursday, April 3, 2008


A Guide For Planning Memorable Wedding Details, Your Own Way

Congrats to you, beautiful bride! Are you ready for the big day? Of course you're not - you just got engaged last weekend and you've only slightly recovered from the excitement of showing off that new princess-cut rock on your hand. You've stumbled across this article because you're overwhelmed and you don't know where to begin. You're thinking, "I'm not a bridezilla! I want my to be happy!" but at the same time, you want everything to be perfect, unique, and memorable.

The details of a wedding are what make its guests think back on it for years to come. Some particular details like save-the-date cards, engagement party/wedding shower/bridal shower invitations, Wedding invita, and thank you cards are particular items that can set your wedding apart from all the others that your friends are planning, regardless of the budget.

Save the date cards: These charming little reminders should be sent out in the mail approximately 4 months before your wedding, if not sooner. They are important if you are planning a destination wedding, if your wedding date is near a holiday, or if you are expecting many people to travel in order to get to your wedding. Save the dates are a convenient, advanced-notice option, and are much classier than an e-mail or a phone call.

Engagement party/wedding shower/bridal shower invitation: The first invitation that will go out is typically for the engagement party (if your family chooses to have one for you). This is usually a simple invitation, chosen by someone other than the bride or groom. Similarly, any wedding shower or bridal shower that might be thrown before the wedding might be entirely planned by someone other than the bride.

Look down at your pretty ring and take a deep breath - no one is going to judge you on your mom's tacky decorations, or your best friend's choice of appetizer. If you can't seem to get your input into the planning of one of your other parties, there is no need to worry about a foiled wedding. The big day is still under your control. If you're truly afraid of what might be planned for you, make sure the planner agrees with you on invitation and party guidelines because although the party may be a surprise, it is still a celebration of your upcoming wedding.

Wedding invitations: The invitation to your actual wedding is going to be a classy yet eye-catching number that allows your personality and the strength of your and your fiance's relationship to shine through, right? Easier said than done. Some people match the colors of their invitations to the color theme of their wedding, while others chose to stay classic with all white or ivory invitations despite the fact that their upcoming wedding might include a rainbow of color coordinates. With invitations, it's easy to keep it simple yet unique - there are hundreds of options available for backgrounds, and once that has been chosen, the font and wording that you pick will complete your distinctive invitation. When choosing an invitation, keep in mind that it will be hanging on the refrigerators of your guests homes for 2 months before the big date - what would you want on your fridge?

Thank you cards: It is proper etiquette to send a thank you card to anyone who attended the wedding, sent you a gift, or both. Also, you don't want to wait very long before writing and sending them. How long did it take you to cash their checks? You've got plenty of time to get away on that honeymoon and relax post-wedding, but when you come home and start ravaging the cards and gifts, be sure to keep track of everything. Standard rule is that you have three months to write and mail those thank you cards with your gifts and guest list fresh in your mind.

Well Bridezilla, I hope these tips helped to calm your nerves a bit. Planning a wedding can be a very lengthy process, but the details that you have full control over happen to be the most fun to shop for and personalize. Throughout your wedding process, there will likely be between 3 and 5 invitations or notifications sent out in the mail to select guests, and these tailored items are what they will look at the most before and after your tasteful and elegantly prepared soiree. Once dates and locations have been chosen, it will take a weight off your shoulders if you order all the invitations and stationary in advance. Plus, you've got more important things to worry about bride-to-be. Good luck in your planning!


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