Friday, April 4, 2008


Affiliate Programs - A Reliable Online Marketing Strategy

Affiliate programs can be a great strategy of Internet marketing and add additional income to your business. Internet marketing through affiliate programs may be easier if you are marketing your own products and have established customers or a stable list of potential customers. However, if you market products that are not your own through an affiliate program, then the following tips can assist in developing an effective marketing strategy.

Buy Them First
Common sense will state that it may not be wise to market products over the Internet especially when the ownership is not yours. You can't really sell something you know little about nor can you guarantee the product will deliver to your customers' expectations. It is advised to sample the product before you sell it. Educate yourself and learn the benefits of the product before you market on the Internet. Bottom line is to test the product!

Get Them While Their Hot
It is important to get hold of the product in its launch phase or when the demand is very high and not many people are aware of the product. Ideally you should start promoting the product when 99% of the market is not aware of it. This will help you to maximize your efforts and generate higher commissions. Make sure to grasp the information of your customers which you can always use to up sell or cross sell your own products in the future.

Set up 'Redirect' Web Pages

You probably already know that having your own website and domain name is a very important strategy of Internet marketing. Having your own website is a critical element to the success of your business. Use your domain to 'mask' the affiliate URL that was issued to you when you signed up. Customers are use to seeing affiliate URL's. There is a drawback however: When the product begins to gain popularity it is harder to sell with long URL's. By using a redirect and bringing customers to your site, gives you a great lead over the other affiliates selling the product.

Devote Your Web Site to One Product/Service

One thing that may have caught your eye that most web site owners share alike is that they will congest their website with thousands of different products on one web page. For more reasons than one this never works. Instead, avoid making this mistake and take your main page, the one that gets the most traffic, center it on your most profitable product or service. Try to focus towards a single product and even if you want to sell more products then ensure that the products are related to each other in terms of their offerings and value. The idea is to develop pages based on themes and then sell relevant products related to those themes. For e.g. if your page is developed to sell plasma tvs then you could always list products from different companies selling these tvs but placing other products like cameras and dvd players will not be a good idea as the customer who landed on your page was looking for tvs alone.

More Time To Online Marketing

You should have time to market online, instead of setting up several web sites, unlimited forms, handling questions after questions (you will get some, not many though), or any other administrative tasks. You can spend your time with what makes money, advertising and Internet marketing and getting your site visited. This is your main priority and should stay that way for the success of your business.


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